Fee Schedule

Consultation Fees – As at January 2022


Consultation Fee – Up to 1 hour – $130

Complex Consultation Fee – Up to 1.5 hours – $180 – This may include time to observe the horse under saddle/ assess tack fit etc.


Initial Assessment and Treatment Fee (@ clinic) – 45 mins – $120

Subsequent Consultation and Treatment Fee (@clinic) – 30 mins – $95


Initial Consultation (@ clinic) – 45 mins – $120

Subsequent Consultation (@ clinic) – 30 mins – $95

Travel Fees

For consultations held at your property a travel fee applies.

Unfortunately, due to the continually rising costs of fuel, maintaining and running a vehicle, and time spent on the road, a travel fee is necessary to help offset these costs.

A flat rate of $1/km each way from 263 Tennyson Road, Tennyson, NSW applies.

Travel Fees are minimised where possible, and waived if there are 4+ animals to treat on one property.

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