Fee Schedule

Consultation Fees

Equine Consultation Fee $120 – Up to 1 hour

Equine Extended Consultation Fee $150 – Up to 1.5 hours

Canine Initial Consultation Fee – $120 – Up to 1 hour

Canine Subsequent Consultation Fee – $90 – Up to 45 mins.

Canine Extended Consultation  – $120

Travel Fees

Unfortunately, due to the continually rising costs of maintaining and running a vehicle, and time spent on the road, a travel fee is necessary to help offset these costs.

A flat rate of 80c/km return from 853 Kurmond Road, NSW applies.

Travel fees will be split between multiple clients in an area, e.g 5km radius from Galston as illustrated below:

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.28.26 pm

Example – 3 clients in this area. 43km from base (per Google Maps) – 43 x 2 / 3 = 28km (km are rounded down)  – So 28km x 0.8 = $22.40

Travel Fees are waived if there are 5+ patients on one property.